About kingy

kingy is the new solution for betting on soccer match results with friends and gaining points. If you used to create an excel sheet for each world cup tournament and fill up a guess for each match, kingy is perfect for you. With kingy you can create a private or public group of friends who will compete for a top chart of soccer match results predictions as well as the winner of the tournament and the top scorer. kingy is free to use and originally founded in 2018 as a non-profit.

About the founder of kingy

The founder of the project is Yaron Helfer, a video streaming expert, entrepreneur, and product manager from Tel Aviv, who has rich product development experience. Yaron devotes all his time to promoting products to the highest level of success.

Yaron has become a rare resource in product management due to his technical experience and background which includes extensive knowledge of network infrastructure, cyber security components, video streaming, data analysis, and more.

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