Rules of the match "kingy"

How to start playing "kingy"?

  1. Create a user
  2. join a campaign
  3. Fill in the guesses for campaign's match-end scores
  4. Create or join a group
  5. Gain points by guessing match results

How do you join a campaign?

  1. Select a campaign from the list of active campaigns
  2. Choose the winner of the campaign.
  3. Choose the top scorer of the campaign.
    Please note: The winner of the campaign and the top scorer can be changed before the first match of the campaign begins. If you join the campaign after the first match began, you cannot select the winning team and top scorer and the bot will automatically fill them while joining.

How to join a group?

  • You can search for a public group and join it
  • You can create a group and invite friends to join it
  • You can ask friends for an invitation to join an existing group

How to fill guesses of match results?

  1. In the `campaigns area` select a campaign at the top of the window
  2. Fill in the guesses for each match outcome before it starts. Some of the matches teams will be announced during the campaign (will be marked as TBD).
    Please note: The results you fill in are only for the first 90 minutes of the match. Extra time will count as a draw. If you don't fill in a guess for the match results, the bot will fill it in automatically after the match starts.
  3. Check the score you got at the end of each match.

Explanation of the scoring system

  • Choosing the right campaign winner earns 10 points
  • Choosing the right top scorer for the campaign earns 10 points
  • For each match day, you will find a breakdown of score rank in the blue line above
  • The score will increase as the campaign stage get closer to the final match
  • scoring method:
    Hit! - accurate guess of the match results after 90 minutes
    Direction - the direction of the guess is correct for the first 90 minutes (you knew who would win or if it is a draw)
  • The top chart is sorted by points as a primary sorting parameter and the percentage of success as a secondary sorting parameter

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